'Come as you are and leave as a champion'



Welcome by the Chief Executive Officer

We are a small but growing Multi-Academy Trust with a passion for ensuring that we provide the best education possible for all of our children. Our children are at the centre of everything we do. Our Trust originated in August 2016. 

For the last five years, our Trust has grown from strength to strength. The next phase of our development, over the next 5 years, will prove to be equally as exciting and, as ever, challenging. We have a strategic plan which lays out the vision and route-map for ensuring our vision is fulfilled as we continue to pursue the gold standard of education and excellence for all the young people in our schools.

As the CEO, I am proud to lead such a talented and passionate staff who believe in the vision of the Trust and all that we seek to achieve. We will continue to work together with the common purpose of collaboration to improve outcomes for all of our children. I want also to make a special mention to the former CEO- Lynne Bennett who had the foresight to create the special Trust and through a clear and successful succession plan ensured that the legacy of her influence remains today and into the future.

We currently have seven Trust schools within our Trust, with children from the age of two up to 13 year olds and we have secured a presumption bid to open a free school. Our schools are very different and have their own identity. Each school is unique and as a Trust we learn from each and every school. They exist in different communities, in different contexts but are united by the vision of the Trust and a focus upon our champion children.

The Trust is called the Creative Learning Partnership Trust. All of these words resonate through the organisation. The word Creativity is crucial to how we achieve the educational outcomes that we do - it is a key driver. For us creativity is the act of turning new and original ideas into reality. It is the ability to perceive the world in new ways to find hidden patterns and to make connections and to generate solutions and solve problems. The gift to be creative and imaginative must be made to every child if they are to succeed in their life and work and to be part of our ever-changing world.

The word learning is at the core of all that we do within each of our schools. The Trust will stop at nothing to ensure that all children within its care achieve outcomes which reflect their abilities, therefore our learning culture is embedded across all what we do. The third word is partnership. We know that collaboration and partnerships are driving forward school and Trust improvement. The Trust is not about one person or one school it is about each and every one of us. The final word is Trust, the word trust is important and it is a value that permeates through all of our schools and our organisation.

Our vision as a Trust is to support our pupils in living champion lives through providing day after day champion moments for all of our children, all of the time so that they can ‘Come as you are and leave as a champion.’

 S Compton 

Hempstalls Primary School

James Bateman Middle School


Thursfield Primary School


Parkside Primary School